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Budapest is the capital of the Republic of Hungary and the political, cultural, industrial and commercial centre of the country. Although the area has been inhabited since prehistory, the city itself was created in 1873 by merging three smaller towns: Buda, Pest and Óbuda. With a population of ca. 1.7 million it is the eighth largest city in the EU. Beside Vienna and Prague, it is a major Central European metropolis and a popular tourist resort with a vibrant cultural and social life. The Buda Castle, the Danube panorama and a major alley with its historical environment are included in the World heritage List.

Conference Venue
Most sessions and workshops will take place in the main building of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, where all of the lecture rooms are equipped with projectors and the necessary facilities. Separate rooms for slide-checking will be available as well. Wireless internet access is provided in the whole building, in addition to terminals with internet connection for emailing. The harmonious, richly decorated palace of the Academy was inaugurated in 1865 and was built in a mature, historicising neo-Renaissance style.

A few sessions with special needs will be hosted by Central European University where various multimedia technologies are available. The CEU commenced operations in 1991 (first in Prague) and is now located in the centre of Budapest, 5 minutes walk from the Academy.

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