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Conference Focus

The International Conference on Global Research and Education, inter-Academia 2012 is the continuation of the thriving event series organized by the inter-Academia community in every autumn since 2002. These conferences serve as foot-stones of the international scientific network promoting inter-Academia philosophy and the academic and social interactions among professors, researchers, and students of the leading Shizuoka University (Japan) and that of the European member universities from Eastern-Central and Eastern Europe.
The main goals of inter-Academia 2012 are to provide a well set up international forum to review, stimulate, and understand the progress in basic and applied research as well as in educational programs and experiences in training of students. Besides devoting interest on the state-of-the-art and recent results of the participants in the research fields of the community and on the introduction of the participant's local research communities and main research partners we hope that the conference will contribute to new theoretical and practical achievements in the fields with a special emphasis on new methods for improving the quality of life and that how can engineers contribute to achieve a better life.

Please download here the Call for Papers.

Important dates and deadlines:

May 27, 2012 Extended abstract submission and special session proposal

June 25, 2012 Extended notification of acceptance

July 29, 2012 Final manuscript and early payment
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