Special sessions

Special session chair:
Jesus Urena (Spain)
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Instructions for Special Session organizers:
A special session is a group of at least 4 papers, organized at the initiative of any special session organizer. Session topics must be in areas consistent with the Symposium topics. Each potential session organizer has to send the following information to the WISP2009 Special Session Chair (urena@depeca.uah.es ) or to the organization (trivent@trivent.hu ):
• The special session chair or co-chairs with a provisional title of the special session, by 25 March 2009.
• Indication about the title of the papers and authors in this special session.
• A list of potential reviewers to facilitate the review process.

If eventually the number of selected papers is lower than 4, the special session organizer could be invited to select 1 or 2 papers from the regular ones, to fill the gap.

Instructions for the authors:
Instructions to submit special session papers are the same as regular papers (see submission instructions section in the Web page of WISP'2009:
http://www.trivent.hu/WISP2009/). The paper must include an indication of the special session in which it could be included.


Localization in Smart Environments
Co-chairs: Jesus Urena and Fernando Seco

Signal Processing in Bioengineering
Co-chairs: Abraham Otero Quintana and Carlos Óscar. S. Sorzano

Vision and Audio Sensors in Intelligent Spaces
Co-chairs: Marta Marron, Daniel Pizarro and Javier Macías

Intelligent Processing and Assisted Living
Co-chairs: Juan Carlos García and Ramón Ceres

Special Session on Advanced Instrumentation, Identification and Signal Processing in Power Systems
Co-chairs: Santiago Cóbreces Álvarez and Francisco J. Rodriguez Sanchez

Important dates and deadlines:
April 27, 2009 Abstract and Special Session Proposal Submission Deadline - extended to April 27

May 13, 2009 Author Acceptance Notification - extended to June 10

June 26, 2009 Receipt of Final Paper/Early payment Deadline - extended to July 20
Information concerning the organisation:

TRIVENT Conference Office H-1119 Budapest, Hungary Etele út 59-61

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Information concerning the technical program:

Prof. A.R. Várkonyi-Kóczy

Department of Measurement and Information Systems, Budapest University of Technology and Economics H-1521 Budapest, Hungary Magyar Tudósok krt. 2.

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