Topics (include but are not limited to):

Artificial Life
Autonomous Agents
Cognitive Modeling
Complex Systems
Data Mining
Decision Making
Education and Training
Embedded Real-Time Systems
Fault Detection and Diagnosis
Foundation of Intelligent
Fuzzy Logic and Fuzzy Reasoning
Genetic Algorithms
Genetic Programming
Hardware/Software Co-Design
Information Ecology
Intelligent Communication Systems
Intelligent Control
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems
Intelligent Transportation Systems
Knowledge Acquisition
Learning and Adaptive Systems
Machine Learning
Mechatronics Design
Micro/Nano Technology
Mobile Machines
Modeling and Simulation
Multi-Agent Systems
Neural Networks
Neuro-Fuzzy Systems
Ontological Engineering
Probabilistic Reasoning
Systems Biology
Virtual Reality
Web Intelligence

Important dates and deadlines:

Submission, June 15, 2011

Acceptance notification, extended to July 15, 2011

Final paper submission and early payment, extended to August 10, 2011

Late payment, extended to August 10-August 20, 2011
Symposium Secretariat

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