Tunis, 11-12 June 2013

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Upcoming events in Alexandria and Tunis
The tripartite business networking and matchmaking events will continue in Alexandria, Egypt on 26-27 May 2013 and on 11-12 June 2013 in Tunis, Tunisia. The interest for the Palestinian economy and companies will also be covered in the Alexandria event.

Sectors and value chains identified for business co-operation for Tunisia is given below.

Tunis, 11-12 June 2013

Sectors/value chains for Tunisia:
- Renewable Energies
- Food and Beverages
- Electro-mechanical field and ICT
- Tourism

The Tunisia event is followed by an Investment Forum organised by FIPA on 13-14 June 2013. Participants in the Tunisia event can benefit from that Forum by separately applying to FIPA: http://www.investintunisia.tn

For more details on the different sectors in these countries, please consult the company documents used for the Antalya event: http://gbbi2013.eu/antalya

How to apply
EU companies can apply to Mr.Claus D. Hagenhoff • ITM International Trade Marketing GmbH • PO Box 1320 D-61364 Friedrichsdorf , Mobile: (+49-172) 670 10 70 • Fax: (+49 6172) 7572-99 • E-Mail: ch@itm-online.de • skype cdhagenhoff

Turkish companies can apply through the TOBB's website: http://businessbridges.tobb.org.tr: email: gbbi@tobb.org.tr ; Phone: (+90 312) 218 24 38 & 218 24 36)

Application form is attached. If you are one of those companies who have already applied and registered in the system, please submit your renewed interest for Alexandria and/or Tunis events through the above channels without needing to fill an application form.

The deadline for applications is 30 April 2013.

Logistics and event organisation
For all your logistics and event organisation inquiries, please consult www.gbbi2013.eu as of early May 2013 or contact Ms. Monika JETZIN, Trivent Conference Office, Phone: +36-1-3711333, Mobile: +36-209-856424, e-mail: trivent@trivent.hu.

Application Form for Enterprises from EU
Application Form for Enterprises from Turkey
Application Form for Enterprises from Egypt
Application Form for Enterprises from Palestine
Application Form for Enterprises from Tunisia

Participant Company Cataglogue

Participation Gauge

Draft programme
Draft programme TR
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Download conference photos made on the first day of the Tunis event
Download conference photos made on the second day of the Tunis event