European Commission FWC 2013 - Lot5 in consortium with ITALTREND SPA

  • Organization of visibility events for the Trade and Domestic Market Enhancement Programme (TDMEP) - Cairo, Egypt
  • Support to the organization of the 2nd EUROCLIMA-2 Workshop on DLDD in Campina Grande, Brazil - Campina Grande, Brazil
  • DEVCO Regional Seminar for Latin America and the Caribbean - Havana, Cuba
  • Support to the organisation of Multi-country IPA Programme Coordination Meetings 2016 - Montenegro, Belgium
  • Apoyo Logístico a través de Medias de Apoyo - Brussels - Paris, Lima
  • EU-Colombia Civil Society Seminar on Human Rights - Brussels, Belgium

Event Support services - UfMS/iRP/0002A/2016 - in consortium with Italtrend and Agora Events

  • CIHEAM Launch of Mediterranean Platform for PhD students and young researchers - Montpellier, France

Computational Intelligence and Virtual Environments for Measurement Systems and Applications

27-29 June, 2016 Budapest, Hungary


4th International Symposium on Saint Gerard of Cenad

25 November, 2016 Timisoara, Romania