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Artificial Intelligence in Engineering:
Reasoning, Learning, Decision Making, Knowledge Based Systems, Expert Systems

CAD/CAM/CAE Systems:
Product Modeling, Shape Modeling, Manufacturing Process Planning

Communications Software and Systems in Engineering:
Design Methodologies and Tools, Object-oriented, UML, Software Engineering
Computational Intelligence in Engineering:
Machine Learning, Genetic Algorithms, Neural Nets, Fuzzy Systems, Fuzzy and Neuro-fuzzy Control
Intelligent Manufacturing Systems:
Production Planning and Scheduling, Rapid Prototyping, Flexible Manufacturing Systems, Collaborative Engineering, Concurrent Engineering

Intelligent Mechatronics and Robotics Systems:
Control, Perception and Recognition, Sensing and Sensor Data Fusion, Intelligent Sensors, Intelligent Motion Control, Service Robots

Intelligent Transportation Systems:
Navigation Systems, On-board Systems, Real-time Traffic Control

Man-Machine Systems:
Human Computer Interaction, Multimedia Communications, Advanced Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality
Ontologies and Semantic Engineering:
Ontology, Thesaurus, Disambiguation, Semantic Inference, Natural Language Interaction
Systems Engineering:
Systems Analysis, Systems Methodology, Self-Organizing Systems, Systems Integration, Large Scale Systems, Systems Simulation, Diagnosis and Performance Monitoring