The 6th SOFA Workshop will be held at Hotel Timisoara in the city of Timisoara, Romania.

Address: Marasesti street, no. 1-3, 300086 Timișoara
GPS: Lat: 45°45'17.69″N; Long: 21°13'30.42″E
Telephone: 0040 256 498 852

The official language of the workshop is English.

Presentations can be made by using data projector. All authors are kindly requested to take their presentation on CD or USB and upload it on the conference laptop during the break before their session.
We do not support authors in using their own laptop.

Best Student Paper Competition
All the papers submitted as student papers will participate in the Best Student Paper Competition. A committee will evaluate them during the workshop and the award will be given during the closing session.

IEEE Membership Desk
Organizers will set up and manage an IEEE membership desk in order to promote IEEE membership among the attendance and in order to get new memberships.

There will be free of charge Internet facilities for the workshop participants.

Social programs
Coming soon...

The Organizers of the Workshop do not provide insurance and do not take responsibility for any loss, accident or illness that might occur during the Workshop or in the course of travel to or from the meeting site. It is, therefore, the responsibility of the participants to check their coverage with their insurance provider.

The electricity supply is 220 V AC (50 Hz).

Weather is July and August is very hot, ranging between 28 and 38 degrees Celsius.

Public transportation in Timisoara
Several bus (autobuz), tram (tramvai) and trolleybus (troilebuz) routes connect Timisoara's main areas and tourist attractions.
The public transportation system runs between 4:45am and 11:15pm.
Tickets must be purchased beforehand and validated in the ticket-stamping machine upon boarding. Tickets are interchangeable for all three forms of transport with the exception of express buses.

Taxi companies
Taxi numbers for Timisoara:
City Taxi - 949
Dacia Taxi - 944
Eco Taxi - (256) 120.120
Getax - 962 or (256) 134.470
Grup Taxi - 946
Radio Taxi - 940
Regal Taxi - 943
Tudo Taxi - 945
Vest Taxi - 953