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28 May, Monday

15:00-18:30       Registration
19:00-22:00       Grill party

29 May, Tuesday

07:30-09:00       Breakfast
09:30-09:40       Opening: Prof. Dr. Penninger Antal

Plenary Session
Chair: Prof. Dr. Meggyes Attila

09:40-10:00       Power generation - what should be the next step?
                          Gerse Károly
10:00-10:20       Supporting of the CHP generation and the renewable resource utilization                          on the liberalized system
                          Stróbl Alajos
10:20-10:40       Reflections about the energy policy
                          Zarándy Pál
10:40-11:00       Coffe Break


Section I
Chair: Prof. Dr. Reményi Károly

11:00-11:15       Possibilities of shaping Hungary's primary energy carrier structure
                          Gács Iván, Bihari Péter
11:15-11:30       Possibilities for gas turbine superposing of thermal power plants
                          Czinkóczky Botond, Gács Iván, Bihari Péter
11:30-11:45       The role of the Hungarian mineral reserves in the energetics
                          Horn János
11:45-12:00       About the use of micro-cogeneration systems for the decentralised                          production of electricity and heat
                          Armando Oliveira, Varga Csaba
12:00-12:15       Environmental Impacts of Renewable Energy
                          Reményi Károly
12:15-12:30       Biomass: Its Present and Future Role in Mitigating Climate Change
                          Jászay Tamás

12:30-12:40       Discussions
12:40-13:40       Lunch


Section II
Chair: Dr. Gács Iván

14:00-14:15       Utilisation of biofuels in internal combustion engines
                          Bereczky Ákos
14:15-14:30       Utilisation of pure vegetable oil in Diesel engines
                          Kecskés Róbert, Hermanutz Péter, Losonczy Benjámin, Bereczky Ákos
14:30-14:45       Combustion of various compound synthesis gases with natural gas
                          Valler Krisztina, Woperáné Serédi Ágnes, Palotás Árpád Bence

14:45-15:00       Ligneous, herbaceous biomass fuels and wastes problems at
                          biomass combustion
                          Szemmelveisz Tamásné, Szűcs István, Palotás Árpád Bence, Winkler                          László, Valler Krisztina
15:00-15:15       Ion current based air factor control                                   
                          Winkler László, N. Hegman, C. Raffay, Palotás Árpád Bence
15:15-15:30       Theoretical and practical analysis of the evaporation of vegetable oils and                          fatty acids
                          Laza Tamás, Rainer Stauch, Dr. Penninger Antal

15:30 -15:45      Discussions
15:45 -16:15      Coffe Break


Section III
Chair: Dr. Gróf Gyula

16:15-16:30       Hybrid cooling accomplished at units 4 and 5 of the Mátra Power Plant for                          the first time in the world by ALSTOM Power Hungary
                          Hazlach László

16:30-16:45       Increase of  primary energy saving of gas engine driven
                          congeneration systems by extension with cooling energy generation
                          Bercsi Gábor
16:45-17:00       Heller programme, utilization of renewable energy sources with heat                          pumps
                          Komlós Ferenc
17:00-17:15       Utilization of Biogas in Gas Engines generation from geothermal energy
                          Nagy Valéria, Meggyes Attila
17:15-17:30       A statistical model for estimation of diurnal average wind power
                          Tar Károly, Szegedi Sándor
17:30-17:45       Complex designing of industrial furnaces
                          Bíró Attila, Palotás Árpád Bence
17:45-18:00       Evaluaition of biogas factories on the basis of their reliability
                          Groniewsky Axel, Gács Iván

18:00-18:15       Discussions
19:30-22:30       Party


30 May, Wednesday

                          Section IV.  Chair: Bereczky Ákos

07:30-09:00       Breakfast

09:15-09:30       Comparative analysis of pirolysis gases by flame spectroscopy
                          Kovács Viktória
09:30-09:45       Determination of temperature dependent thermal properties by
                          genetic algorithm
                          Czél Balázs, Gróf Gyula

09:45-10:00       Heat transfer from superheated steam to saturated water
                          Környey Tamás, Gróf Gyula

10:00-10:15       Temperature distribution of the fluid medium adjacent to a heated surface
                          Turzó-András Emese, Gróf Gyula

10:15-10:30       Discussions
10:30-10:45       Coffe Break


                          Section V    Chair: Woperáné Dr. Serédi Ágnes

10:45-11:00       The renewable energy sources and their impacts on the gas engines operation
                          Kovács Viktória Barbara, Meggyes Attila, Bereczky Ákos
11:00-11:15       Numerical Simulation of Thermal Behavior of an Artificial Geothermal System
                          Jobbik Anita
11:15-11:30       We reduced a panel house's heat consumption to one fourth
                          Czinege Zoltán
11:30-11:45       Integration of the SOFC fuel cell into the heating system
                          Zsebik Albin
11:45-12:00       Comparison of benefits of distributed generation technologies using                          multi-criteria analysis
                          Krómer István, Bessenyei Zoltán

12:00-12:15       Discussions
12:15-13:15       Lunch

                          Section VI.  Chair: Prof. Dr. Penninger Antal

13:45-14:00       Mathematical model of rotary kiln for calcination of alumina
                          Baranyai Viktor Zsolt, Szűcs István
14:00-14:15       CFD modelling of heating channels of coke furnace
                          Horváth Krisztián, Szűcs István, Polányi Zoltán
14:15-14:30       Calculation modelling the effect of the mixed fuel firing on the boiler unit output parameter in a heavy pressure boiler
                          Fülöp Tamás, Kapros Tibor, Szűcs István
14:30-14:45       Validating system with Schlieren technique for CFD calculation of                          combustion processes
                          Petró Balázs, Somogyi Bence
14:45-15:00       Effect of valve timing on exhaust emission
                          Lakatos István

15:00-15:15       Discussions

15:15                 Closing: Prof. Dr. Penninger Antal