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About us

Trivent Conference Office was opened in 1990 in Budapest, Hungary, and it has been operating successfully ever since. In the years 2000, it started to fully blossom, organizing events not only in Hungary, but also in the European Union region for the European Commission and outside Europe in regions as varied as Egypt, Marrocco, Namibia, Kenya, Seychelles, Indonezia, Russia, Argentina, Venezuela, USA and others.

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In 2010, Trivent Conference Office opened a branch in Arad which is meant to deal with events organized in Romania. It has so far dealt with events in Arad, Timisoara, Szeged, but also Malta.


Trivent Conference Office is composed of a well-trained team which has years of experience in the fields of event organizing, event marketing and public relations. Their graduate qualifications include communication, public relations, commerce, tourism and catering. They speak English, German, French, Spanish, Hungarian, Romanian and Russian.

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We are specialized in organizing events as:

• congresses and conferences

• seminars, courses and presentations

• exhibitions and festivities

We can provide:

• event design and identity

• preparation of announcements, invitations, proceedings

• setting up conference information systems 

• database management and internet registration

• personal contact with participants, correspondence, confirmation

• technical facilities

• translation, interpretation

• on-site registration, hostesses  

• site reservations

• catering, banquets, parties

• flight reservations

• touristic programs

• financial administration

• further services required by customers