European Commission FWC 2009 – Lot5 in consortium with ITALTREND SPA

  • Organising Rural Development and Nutrition Related Conferences - Pakistan
  • Logistical Support Related to Mediation Activities, Worldwide
  • European Higher Education Fair (EHEF), Jakarta - Indonesia
  • JRC Workshop on Remote Sensing for Conservation, Ispra - Italy
  • Border Interdiction Seminar on Radiological and Nuclear Materials, Bangkok-Thailand
  • Conference on Energy Efficiency, Amman - Jordan
  • Multi Beneficiary IPA Programme Coordination Meetings, Brussels - Belgrade
  • Logistic support for Workshops on Options for Financing NEEAPs Implementation in the Western Balkans
  • Provision of Logistics Support to the Global Entrepreneurship Week, Kampala - Uganda
  • Organization of Matchmaking Events Under the Global Business Bridges Initiative, Turkey - Egypt - Tunisia
  • Euromed Seminars for E-Health
  • Organization of Workshops/Seminars worldwide under the INSC, Addis Ababa - Bangkok - Brussels

12th International Symposium in Management (SIM 2013)

11-12 October 2013 - Timişoara, Romania

4th International Youth Conference on Energy 2013

6-8 June 2013 - Siófok, Hungary