Topics of the Conference:
Include but are not limited to Water Resource Management, Climate Change, Water Supply Protection, Sustainable Urban Drainage, Pollution Sources & Controls, Monitoring and Modelling.

  • River basin management planning under the EU Water Framework Directive;
  • River basin management practices in different continents;
  • Managing water resources in transboundary river basins with conflicting demand;
  • Managing competing uses to protect water quality and quantity;
  • Watershed management methods to facilitate water availability for aquatic ecosystem health and human uses;
  • Interconnecting sub-watersheds to achieve basin goals;
  • Hierarchal approaches to river basin management.
  • Monitoring, ecological classification in EU countries and intercalibration;
  • State-of-the-art in assessing water and biological quality and integrating data.;
  • Programme of measures and ecological state.
  • River basin management, advanced computation and decision support;
  • The impact of climate change on watersheds, river basins, estuaries and reservoirs;
  • Flood control and prevention.
  • Effective methods to involve stakeholders and the public into the river basin management planning processes;
  • Conflicts and multi-objective management – is it mostly methodology?
  • Economics of River Basin Management.