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Conference Programme


3rd Sep 2008


MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE MEETING of the IWA Specialist Group on Watershed and River Basin Management
Venue: Hunguest Hotel Griff Budapest, Room Zafir
H-1113 Budapest,
Bartók Béla út 152.


Hunguest Hotel Griff Budapest
H-1113 Budapest,
Bartók Béla út 152.


Opening reception – All participants are invited
Hunguest Hotel Griff Budapest
Welcome by László Kóthay, State Secretary for Water,
Ministry of Environment and Water, Hungary


 4th Sep 2008


Registration opens
Hunguest Hotel Griff Budapest


János Fehér

Hunguest Hotel Griff Budapest, Room Smaragd

Welcome by János Fehér, Chair of the Conference Organising Committee
Vice-Chair of the IWA Specialist Group on Watershed & River Basin Managenment

Opening by Perri Standish-Lee, Chair of the IWA Specialist Group on Watershed & River Basin Management

Keynote presentations (by invitation):
Gyula Holló:  Transboundary cooperation in river basin management: The Danube experience.

Prof. György Várallyay:  The significance of soil in watershed management.


Session (1):  Water Resource Management I   -   Room Smaragd

Perri Standish-Lee

From a scientific to a management tool – the use of MONERIS 2.0
for the decision support in the Danube River Basin District (DRBD)
Authors: H. Behrendt, M. Venohr, M. Popovici and P. Weller (Germany)

Analytical quality control in the Danube River Basin – the 15
years of the QUALCODanube proficiency testing scheme
Authors: C. Bélavári, P. Biliczki-Gaál, P. Literáthy, F. László and  J. Schneider (Hungary)

Joint Danube Surveys: Petroleum-Related and Heavy Metal Pollution Along the Danube
Authors:  P. Literáthy (Hungary)

National SIMCAT: A WFD water quality modelling tool for national scale river water quality planning
Authors: H.Green,  A. Nowosielski,  S. Kelly and B. Crabtree (UK)

General Discussion


Coffee/Tea  and   Poster Viewing


Session (2): Water Resource Management II    -   Room Smaragd

János Fehér

Evaluation of non-point source pollution impacts by multimedia modelling
Authors: Y. T. Fu, C. M. Kao, Y. C. Lai and C. E. Lin (Taiwan)

Risk analysis of the flood control system in the Hungarian Tisza basin
Author:  L. Koncsos (Hungary)

The combined approach – a challenge for border crossing water quality issues in Austria.   Author: M. Zessner (Austria)

“The fecal has hit the fan: Overview of efforts in the U.S. to address bacterial contamination in surface waters”
Authors: A.. Vicory and J. Heath (USA)

General Discussion


Lunch  and  Poster Viewing


Session (3): Socio-economy and Water Resource Management I   -   Room Smaragd

Kirsty Blackstock

Economic analysis in the process of the preparation of  river basin
management plans in Slovenia: The Drava River Basin Pilot Study
Authors: J. Dodic and A. Bizjak (Slovenia)

Who has to pay for measures in the field of water management - a proposal for applying the polluter pays principle
Authors: T. Grünebaum, H. Schweder and M. Weyand (Germany)

How  to deal with cost-efficiency aspects at the set-up of programmes of measure?    Authors: M. Weyand, T. Grünebaum, H. Schweder and C. Huber (Germany)

Wetlands  protection and  restoration – a river basin  perspective.
Author:  T. Okruszko (Poland)

General Discussion


Parallel Session (4): Climate Change    -   Room Zafir

De Sutter

Climate change impact on water balance of Lake Balaton
Author: B. Nováky (Hungary)

Impacts of the climate change on runoff and diffuse phosphorus load to Lake Balaton (Hungary)
Authors: Á. Kovács and A. Clement (Hungary)

Stochastic water balance simulation for Lake Balaton (Hungary) under climatic pressure
Authors: M. Honti and L. Somlyódy (Hungary)

Catchment flood risk assessment, management and decision support in
Ireland: A practical application
Authors: J. Martin, M. C. Dewar, M. Adamson and R. A. Crowder (Ireland)

General Discussion


Coffee/Tea  and Poster Viewing


Session (5):  Socio-economy and Water Resource Management II
- Room Smaragd

Wendell Koning

Building ‘learning catchments’ for integrated catchment management: designing learning systems based on experiences in the UK and South Africa.
Authors: K. Collins, J. Colvin and R. Ison (UK)

Between a rock and a hard place: incompatible objectives at the heart of river basin planning?   Author: K. L. Blackstock (UK)

A matrix-based tool to support a legal and institutional assessment in an IWRM framework
Authors: J.  Leten, J-L Frerotte and M. Bila (The Netherlands, Chad)

Developing Risk Modeling Tools for the Lake Tahoe Water Utilities
Author: Perri Standish-Lee (USA)

General Discussion


Parallel Session (6):  Climate Change and Water Supply
- Room Zafir

Michael  Weyand

Development of a management tool for the equal evaluation of economic, social and ecological effects of adaptation scenarios for attenuating the effects of climate change induced flooding
Authors: L. De Smet and R.. De Sutter (Belgium)

Impact of an extreme dry and hot summer on water supply security in an alpine region
Authors: D. Vanham, E. Fleischhacker and W. Rauch (Austria)

Risk based climate change impact assessment for the water industry
Authors:  O.M. Thorne and R.A. Fenner (UK)

Sustainable river basin management under the European Water
Framework Directive: an effective protection of drinking-water
Authors: S. Wuijts and H.F.M.W. van Rijswick (The Netherlands)

General Discussion


Venue: Hungarian Academy of Sciences
H-1051 Budapest, Roosevelt tér 9., Hungary
Bus transfer provided from Hotel Griff at 18:30pm

Prof. Tamás Németh, Secretary-General of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (HAS):  Welcome and introduction of the role of HAS in the field of water sciences.

Key note presentation (by invitation):
Alan Vicory: Trends and Developments in the U. S. Influencing River Basin Management.


5th Sep 2008


Session (7): Water Resource Management III   -    Room Smaragd

Matthias Zessner

Significant water management issues: techniques, methods and
results gained in the Danube River Basin District, Slovenia
Authors: T. Razpotnik, P. Repnik, M. Peterlin, A. Bizjak (Slovenia)

Assessing ecosystems services in relation to water and land management in the Hungarian and Romanian Tisza River Basin
Authors: E. L. Minca, K. Petz, S. Werners and R. Leemans (The Netherlands)

Fair and sustainable irrigation water management in the Babai
basin, Nepal    Authors: B. Adhikari, R. Verhoeven and P. Troch (Belgium)

Water Framework Directive catchment planning – a case Study apportioning loads and assessing environmental benefits of programme of measures
Authors:  B. Crabtree, S. Kelly, H Green, G. Squibbs and G. Mitchell (UK)

General Discussion


Session (8): Monitoring and Modelling I    -    Room Zafir

Jovanka Ignjatovic

A parameter identifiability and estimation study in Yesilirmak River
Authors:R. Berber, M. Yuceer and E. Karadurmus (Turkey)

Sink or source? - The effect of hydrology on phosphorus release in the cultivated riverine wetland Spreewald (Germany)
Authors: O. Gabriel, D. Balla, T. Kalettka and S. Maassen (Austria/Germany)

Application of Water Framework Directive in Hungary: Development of biological classification systems
Authors: F. Szilágyi, É. Ács, G. Borics, B. Halasi-Kovács, P. Juhász, B. Kiss, T. Kovács, Z. Müller, G. Lakatos, J. Padisák, P. Pomogyi, C. Stenger-Kovács, K. É. Szabó, E. Szalma and  B. Tóthmérész (Hungary)

Grid size effects on a distributed water quantity-quality model in a hilly watershed
Authors: B. R. Shivakoti, S. Fujii, S. Kitpati Boontanon, H. Ihara, M. Moriya and S. Tanaka (Japan)

General Discussion


Coffee/Tea  and Poster Viewing


Session (9): Water Resource Management IV    -     Room Smaragd

Alan Vicory

Ranking methods to set restoration and remediation priorities on a watershed scale.  Author: W. T. Stringfellow (USA)

Planning and Implementation of a Public Participation Process Towards the development of the Anthemountas river basin water management plan
Authors: E. Pavlidou, S. Famellos, M. Makraki and  A. Deliyannis (Greece)

Determining Environmental Flows for the South Saskatchewan River Basin, Alberta, Canada
Authors: C. W. Koning, A.G.H. Locke, and J.M. Mahoney (Canada)

General Discussion


Parallel  Session (10): Pollution Sources and Controls I -Room Zafir

Lifeng Li

Diffuse and concentrated pollution control at watershed-scale: an
Italian case study
Authors: A. Candela, G. Freni, G. Mannina and G. Viviani (Italy)

Determination of the extent and source of sediment delivery to Hewenden reservoir, West Yorkshire, UK
Authors:  P. Kay, R. Whelan, H. Barron and R. Grayson (UK)

The development of an ecological approach to manage the pollution risk from highway runoff
Authors: B. Crabtree, P. Dempsey, I Johnson and M. Whitehead (UK)

Phosphorus retention patterns along the Tisza River, Hungary
Authors:Á. Kovács, Zs. Kozma, V. Istvánovics and M. Honti (Hungary)

General Discussion


Lunch and  Poster Viewing


Session (11): Monitoring and Modelling II     -     Room Smaragd

Chair: Péter Literáthy

Development of aquatic exposure assessment model in Japan    
Authors: Ishikawa,Y., Higashino,H., Kawaguchi,T. Tsukano,Y. and Tokai, A (Japan)

Quantification of bentazone losses from point and non-point sources into the river Main (Germany) by combined modelling tools
Authors: M. Bach, S. Reichenberger, M. Letzel, U. Kaul, S. Forstner, G. Metzner, J. Klasmeier  and H. G. Frede (Germany)

Challenges in Geographic Information System and Erosion Model Application in Watershed Management: The Bohol Watershed, Philippines
Authors: H. J. Bavor and I. C. Genson (Australia)

Modelling Hydrological Effects of Wetland Restoration: A differentiated view
Authors: J. Staes, M.H. Rubarenzya, P. Meire and P. Willems (Belgium)

General Discussion


Coffee/Tea and Poster Viewing


Session (12): Pollution Sources and Controls II   -   Room Smaragd

Bob Crabtree

Priority assessment of heavily polluted areas in Serbian riversheds; a practical approach
Authors: R. Dijcker, M. van der Wijk, B. Blem, J. Ignjatovic, A. Popovic, R. Zanetti (The Netherlands, Denmark, Serbia)

Net flux of pollutants at a reduced spatial scale - an index of catchment vulnerability
Authors: P. T. Yillia and N. Kreuzinger (Sierra Leone, Austria)

The use of GIS and multi-criteria evaluation (MCE) to identify agricultural land management practices which cause surface water pollution in drinking water supply catchments
Authors: R. Grayson, P.  Kay and M. Foulger (UK)

The efficacy of contemporary agricultural stewardship measures for ameliorating water pollution problems of key concern to the UK water industry
Authors: P. Kay, A. C. Edwards and M. Foulger(UK)

General Discussion 


CONFERENCE CLOSURE    -     Room Smaragd


Poster Session


Water Resource Management and Climate Change



Sustainable river basin management: case study for the Morava river ecoregion in Serbia.
 Authors: N. Veljković and  D. Lekić (Serbia)

The integration of microbial source tracking into catchment management
Authors: A. M. Saunders, P. L. Wejse, T.L. Skovhus, T.R. Damgaard, M. L. Agerbæk, L. Bagge and J. Lorenzen (Denmark)

Long-term capacity and failure analysis of the Ruhr Reservoir System in Germany.
Authors: G. Morgenschweis and D. Schwanenberg (Germany, The Netherlands)

Approaches, methods and experiences of stakeholders’ information and consultation in the preparation of River Basin Management Plans
Authors: L. Marovt and  A. Bizjak (Slovenia)

River basin management practices in Iran: A case study of Zanjan River Restoration Project.
 Authors: A. H. P. Zanganeh and H. Jalalian (Iran)

Integrated water resource management for Kaoping River Basin
Author: Y. C. Lai, C. M. Kao, C. E. Lin, Y. T. Fu and B. M. Yang (Taiwan)

Assessment of environmental indicators in the management of
Brasília’s urban drainage basins
Authors: R. T. Minoti, R. S. Bernardes and  N. A. Campana (Brazil)

Assessment methodology for Korean TMDLs using flow and load duration curves.
 Authors: S. Han, H. S.  Shin and S.  Kim (South Korea)

Water quality change in the past 15 years in Lake Baiyangdian: Implication on watershed management.
Authors: Y. X. Li, J. L. Liu and Z. F. Yang (China)

Occurrence of 93 PPCPs in Yodo River System and their toxicity to Vibrio fishery.
Authors: H. Sugishita, N. Yamashita, H. Tanaka, S. Tanaka, S. Fujii, I. Howa and C. Konishi (Japan)

Evolution of the monitoring water quality system in Ipojuca River basin, Brazil
Authors: M. Sobral, S. Montenegro, G. Gunkel, A. M. L. Barros and J. Aureliano (Brazil)

Watershed management in the Scharmützelsee region (Northern lowland, Germany) and how to reach the good ecological status of lakes
Authors: Nixdorf, B., Grüneberg, B., Rücker, J. Deneke, R. and H. Behrendt (Germany)

The climate change and groundwater regimes in Finland
Authors: R.  Mäkinen, M. Orvomaa, N. Veijalainen and  I. Huttunen (Finland)

Climate change: Towards an adaptive water management in Slovenia
Authors: B. Djurović, A. Bizjak and M. Kobold (Slovenia)


Monitoring and Modelling



Modelling of bubble plume destratification in the 15-Khordad Reservoir Using DYRESM.
 Authors: M. Faghihi and A. Etemad-Shahidi (Iran)

Application of integrated modelling for basin wide sustainable management of water quality.
Authors: A. G. Capodaglio, G. Tartari and A. Callegari (Italy)

Are river habitat models appropriate tools for implementation of the EU WFD? The Norwegian River Habitat Toolkit evaluated with benchmark criteria
Authors: T. H. Bakken, J. H. Halleraker, K. T. Alfredsen, A. Harby and
M. Stickler (Norway)

Application of the nutrient emission model MONERIS to the Ipojuca River Basin, Brazil
Author: A. M. de Lima Barros, H. Behrendt and M. do Carmo Sobral (Brazil)

Application of hyperspectral remote sensing methods in environment state survey.  Authors: Deákvári J., L. Fenyvesi, L. Kovács and  Z. Papp (Hungary)

Hyperspectral technology – supporting in-situ phytoremediation
Author: A. Nagy and  J. Tamás (Hungary)

Planning for sustainable futures: Linking river basin management and land use planning in Scotland
Authors: H. M. Smith, K. L. Blackstock, A. J. Scott (United Kingdom)


Pollution Sources and Controls   



The Flood Risks in Gyergyó and Csík Basins
Authors: G. Pándi, Z. Makfalvi, Cs. Horváth, Zs. Makfalvi (Romania)

The WETwin project: Enhancing the role of wetlands in integrated water resources management for twinned river basins in EU, Africa and South-America in support of EU Water Initiatives
Authors: I. Zsuffa, J. Cools, P. Vlieghe, P. Debels, A. van Griensven, A. van Dam, T. Hein, F. Hattermann, M. Masiyandima, M.P. Cornejo R. de Grunauer, R. Kaggwa and C. Baker (Hungary, Belgium, The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, South Africa, Ecuador, Uganda)

Pollution state and modelling of organophosphoric acid triesters in the Yamato River basin.
Author: H. Shimazu (Japan)

Water quality study of the Itaparica Reservoir, SÃO Francisco River, Brazil
Author: G. L. de Melo, M. do Carmo Sobral and G. Gunkel (Brazil, Germany)

Removal of BOD5 in subsurface flow constructed wetlands: Hungarian experiences
Author: E. Dittrich (Hungary)

Enhancing Stakeholders Involvement for the Integrated Management of
the Mesta / Nestos River Basin
Authors : M. Scoullos,  D. Faloutsos,  V. Constantianos  and  G. Bardaska
(Greece, Bulgaria)

Analysis of Public Participation in River Basin and Water Resource
Management  -  Efficiency, Acceptance, Cost Implications
Authors:  K. Rohrhofer,  F. Cate,   O. Kehrer,  R. Vettermann,  P. Klein  and  G. Mikovits (Austria)